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Get your Airbnb listing up and running in no time. Ensure your listing is legally compliant, has the financials squared away, and is built to convert.

Setup your Airbnb

Why use Topkey?

Want to turn your home into an Airbnb? Looking to set up a property to rental arbitrage? You've come to the right place. Setting up a short-term rental is an awesome way to earn passive income. However, if not done properly, you leave yourself open to legal and financial risk.

We provide assistance around local regulations, required permits, tax/bank account integrations, listing search engine optimization, pricing strategy and many other services to help you maximize your income earned through Airbnb.

In addition to the mentioned services above, our team of experts will help you set up your entire listings in a short period of time so that you can avoid all headaches and start earning income as soon as possible.

Setup your Airbnb

Benefits of using Topkey

The right way to get your short-term rental up and running

Make more money

Topkey listings get 25% more bookings than regular listings on Airbnb.

Comply with local regulations

Yuck! Permits, regulations, and legal issues are a headache to navigate around. Our team of experts will handle all of that for you.

Lightning speed listing

Time is everything! Set up your listing in half of the time it would take you on your own.

Elegant photography

A picture sells a thousand words. Topkey will help you list your property with beautiful images that will attract visitors!

Higher search rankings

Our custom strategy will help you boost your listing's SEO ranking on Airbnb to get more bookings.

Increased occupancy

Receive more bookings from qualified guests to maximize your listing's potential.


How does it work?

Sign up

Sign up for our core starter package. We will help you build your listing on Airbnb, optimize all of the content, set the initial rate strategy, and set up your payments correctly.

Verify home information

Our team of professionals will contact you to get more information about your goals and to ensure that we have all the information correctly listed.

Competitor research

We will manually research competitors in your area to come up with the best pricing strategy, so that you can earn more than your competition!

Home registration & setup

Sit back and relax while we set up all your finances, regulations, permits for your listing.

Start earning money!

Cha ching! Your listing is up and running. Collect that cash!


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The Airbnb Starter Pack

What's included?

100% stress free and guaranteed satisfaction for a
one time setup fee of $499

License Guidance and Preparation


Comprehensive license research and registration support for your short-term rental

Guided Photoshoot


We help you take, edit, and organize professional photos for your Airbnb

Profile content


Airbnb listing content that is optimized for conversion. This will include titles, descriptions, and host profile

Listing Creation


We build your listing on Airbnb, optimize all of the content, set the initial rate strategy, and help you set up your payments correctly


Customer spotlight

"ABODEbucks tested Topkey's Airbnb listing setup service last month. We were so pleased with the results that we hired them to re-write the content for our entire portfolio.  The Topkey team has been great to work with!  5/5 Stars."

The Airbnb Starter Pack


Get ready to start earning more passive income at your Airbnb properties by signing up for our starter pack today.


Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers.

How long does it take to set up an Airbnb? 

Every city has different short-term rental filing requirements. This makes it hard to predict how long the set up process may take. Most of our listings are live within two to three weeks.

Are you affiliated with Airbnb?

We are not associated, sponsored, or endorsed by, or in any way affiliated with Airbnb, VRBO, or any of their subsidiaries. We are short-term rental advocates who are eager to make it easier for hosts to set up and run their business.

Why are you qualified to set up my Airbnb?

We are a team of vacation rental experts. Our founders previously worked at Airbnb where they managed new host onboarding. Our team has intimate knowledge of how to set up and optimize Airbnb listings to maximize conversion and bookings.

How do I keep tabs on where my listing is in the process?

Every homeowner has a dashboard to track their listing progress. Homeowners will also be assigned a concierge to walk them through the process and to answer any questions along the way.

What exactly do you do?

The Topkey Airbnb starter pack is an end-to-end service to help you set up your Airbnb listing from start to finish. This will include registering with the appropriate city and state authorities, obtaining any necessary business licenses, helping you take SEO-optimized photos, and writing all of the listing content to make your listing stand out in a crowd.

What if I'm not satisfied?

We have a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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