Banking for short-term rental operators

Property managers! Get dedicated accounts per property that earns you premium rewards and tracks all your rental expenses


Topkey is the intuitive bank account for Airbnb hosts

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Earn serious cash back and exclusive rewards

Get exceptional cash back and exclusive rewards without the drawbacks of a credit card. No monthly fees.

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Pay your lodging taxes

Topkey will calculate and pay all your city, county, and state lodging taxes each month. (Yes, you just read that right).

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Never miss a deduction

Effortlessly track your business expenses — from cleaning fees to lodging taxes to gas mileage — and import them directly into your accounting software to maximize your deductions.

Manage your cashflow

One place for all your property finances. Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets and get a precise tool to manage your rental finances.


How does it work?

Open your Topkey checking account and get access to your card.

Step One

Centralize your revenue

Route all of your Airbnb/VRBO earnings to your Topkey checking account.

Step two

Earn rewards while you spend

Use your Topkey debit card and start earning cash back and rewards.

Step three

Pay your taxes the right way

Topkey will automatically calculate your short-term lodging taxes, reserve the money in your checking account, and file and pay taxes each month to the appropriate tax authority.

Step four

Track your bottom-line

Track your revenue, expenses, and cash flow in a single location so you know how your rental is performing in real-time.

Step five

Make end of year tax time a breeze

Charge all your rental expenses to the Topkey debit card and we'll help you maximize tax deductions to share with your preferred accounting provider.


Topkey is the financial experience we dreamed of as short-term rental operators

Hi, we're short-term rental hosts and former Airbnb employees. We know short-term rental operators are desperate for easier, more intuitive tools to manage their financial assets. Between the day to day challenges of maximizing revenues, monitoring expenses, paying taxes, and staying compliant, hosts have no shortage of balls to juggle.

That's why we're building Topkey, the world's first financial system designed for short-term rentals. We're offering a world-class checking account with premium rewards, streamlined tools to handle taxes and compliance, and an intuitive dashboard with insights to help you manage your bottom-line. Topkey is here to save you time, improve returns, and help you build a financially compliant short-term business optimized for long-term success.

Topkey Card

The card that tracks all your tax deductions

Charge all business expenses to the Topkey debit card, to earn competitive rewards and ensure you capture maximum tax deductions.

1% cash back
On all purchases
2% cash back
* Set-up costs
3% cash back
Home improvement
3% cash back
Monthly STR subscriptions
2% cash back
Cleaning fees
2% cash back
* Limit of $4,000 in spend for set-up costs

Applying for account is free and won't affect your credit score

No monthly fees, no minimums, free ACH transfers. Get separate bank accounts for each property you own.

Per user $119 billed yearly
  • Integrations
  • Track your time
  • Email marketing
Per user $282 billed yearly
  • Time tracking
  • Gmail plugins
  • Turn on reminders
No Hidden Fees
No monthly maintenance, minimum balance or application fees
Safe and Secure
FDIC Insured, chartered bank partner, bank-level encryption

Simple pricing for every budget

per month billed annually,
or $15 paid monthly
  • SuperSaaS features:
  • — Track your time
  • — Invoicing
  • — Email marketing
  • — Integrations
per month billed annually,
or $20 paid monthly
  • SuperSaaS features:
  • — Gmail plugins
  • — Be on social media
  • — Create files
  • — Turn on reminders
per month billed annually,
or $45 paid monthly
  • SuperSaaS features:
  • — Custom dashboard
  • — License Subscription
  • — Custom CRM
  • — Project management
Paid monthly
  • Topkey features
  • FDIC Insured checking account
  • No monthly fees or minimums
  • Debit card with 1% cash back
  • Dashboard with insights
Paid monthly
  • Topkey features
  • All Starter benefits+
  • Debit card with up to 3% cash back
  • Access exclusive STR discounts
Paid monthly*
  • Topkey features
  • All Premium benefits+
  • Tax expense categorization
  • Schedule E tax tagging
  • File and pay monthly lodging taxes
* Pricing starts at $44.99 per month, plus a one-time $60 setup fee per property. This fee covers the costs of setting up the appropriate payment processes and obtaining any necessary STR licenses and permits for your property.
Government-insured FDIC bank account
1% cash back on all purchases
Instantly active virtual debit card
Free ACH transfers
Unlimited payments, deposits, & transfers
24/7 email support
Dashboard with financial insights
Categorize rental expenses
Premium cash back up to 3%
Access exclusive STR discounts
Export your Schedule E
Automatic monthly tax filing
Automatic monthly tax payment
Ongoing compliance management
Premium support

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers.

What is Topkey?

Topkey is a smart business banking account for short-term rental owners and operators. Topkey is designed for Airbnb/VRBO hosts, investment property owners, and property managers to earn rewards and cash back on debit card purchases, helps categorize expenses for effortless tax deduction tracking, and files/pays lodging taxes on behalf of short-term rental operators.

How do I sign up for Topkey?

We're thrilled that you're interested in working with us! We're currently accepting new users for early access from our wait list. For any other questions, please reach out at

Is Topkey FDIC-insured?

Your deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to $250,000.

Is Topkey safe?

Topkey uses secure processes to protect your data and information and to help prevent unauthorized access.

Do I need an existing bank account to use Topkey?

Yes. To start earning cash back your Topkey account, you need to link an existing account with another bank that you can use to transfer money into your Topkey account. From there, you should make this checking account the primary account in Airbnb, VRBO and on your direct booking website, so income from these platforms can go into your account.

Is the Topkey checking account a personal or business account?

Topkey helps you open a business account tied to either an employer identification number (EIN) or, in some instances, a social security number (SSN). If you don't have an EIN number, you can also obtain one for free on the IRS website.

Can I use Topkey as an individual, LLC, or property manager?

Yes, the Topkey debit card supports sole proprietorships, single-owner LLCs and single-member corporations, or individual owner operators.

Can I open an account if I'm not in the US?

You have to be a U.S. citizen to open an account.

What does it cost to open a Topkey checking account?

Topkey's baseline checking account and debit card are completely free. Our premium debit card costs $8.99 per month. We charge a separate monthly fee to have Topkey pay all short-term rental lodging taxes. This fee starts at $44.99 per property.

How do you determine how much and who to pay for my lodging taxes?

We work with a trusted third party tax compliance and remittance provider that is used by hundreds of the top property managers to file and pay lodging taxes.

Does Topkey pay my income taxes?

No - Topkey does not pay your personal income taxes. We do help you track all the rental expenses tied to the spend on your Topkey debit card, so it's easier for you to categorize your end-of-year deductions. This will save you time and money, particularly if you work with a third-party accounting software or use a CPA.

How much does it cost for Topkey to file and pay my lodging taxes?

We charge a monthly fee of $44.99 per property to file and pay your short-term rental lodging taxes.

Are income taxes and lodging taxes the same?

No. Lodging taxes and income taxes are different. Income taxes are paid out of your personal income. Lodging taxes are taxes your guest pays on the cost of renting your property. Typically, short-term rental operators are required to collect and remit lodging taxes from their guests, in the same manner that hotels are required to collect and remit taxes from their guests. You as a host don't actually pay the lodging taxes, but you are responsible for collecting and passing these taxes on to the appropriate state or local tax authority. Tax agencies nationwide commonly monitor vacation rental sites in search of violators.

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