How to Write Compelling Airbnb Listing Content

Best guide to learn how to write compelling Airbnb listing content

Knowing how to write Airbnb listing copy is perhaps one of the most crucial parts of setting up a short-term rental on the website. Strong, compelling content may be what brings in more guests to your Airbnb and may also enhance the customer’s experience since it all starts with your listing and the content therein. That is why character, originality, creativity, and the efficient use of words can be woven together to get guests excited about staying at your property and having you as their host.

If you have already put money into maintenance, repairs, upgrades, décor, and any other aspect of your property in preparation for the Airbnb experience, then you will understand that writing effective listing copy is a must so that you can make a return on your investment and hard work.

That is why we have designed this in-depth guide to get you off to the best start possible so here is how to write compelling Airbnb listing content.

Before Getting Started

Before you start writing best selling listing content for your short-term rental, there are some very important points and rules that you need to stick to so that you ensure that all of your listing content is directed at the right people. This way, you will be marketing to your ideal demographic and people who will be likely to want to stay at your property which will increase your chances of success.

-    Know who your audience is and how to talk to them

-    Think of how to make your title and listing unique

-    Remember to keep things brief without any waffling or meaningless words

-    Match your words with your photos

-    Use a structured description for easy reading (we will look at this below)

-    Be creative and show some of your personality

-    Don’t oversell your place

Your Listing Description Structure

By breaking down your listing description into the following sections, you will be able to essentially check things off your list and ensure that you have covered all of the important things while also presenting all of your information to potential guests in an extremely easy fashion. here is the recommended listing description structure for you to apply to your own property:

Short introduction

Your introduction needs to be brief and also cover all of your selling points as efficiently as possible. This is the section that is going to really draw in potential guests and get them to continue reading, so avoid lengthy sentences and keep it punchy with all of the benefits your place has to offer. 

Descriptions of each and every room available

Each room that is available to guests should have a very quick description written about them that describes the specific furniture, art, window views, technology and appliances, and any specific benefits that those rooms give guests. If in a hot climate, you might mention which rooms get the best draft and lower temperatures, or if the bathroom also has a relaxing tub, then this may be a good thing to outline.

Outline the outdoor spaces

Yards, pools, and any kind of outdoor area is going to add to a guest’s experience so outline the size of the area and what is available to guests, such as sun-beds, children’s toys, barbecue areas, or outdoor games.

Tell them about the location

It is a good idea to finish the description by outlining the surrounding area that guests will have access to by staying at your property. Is there public transport nearby? Bars? Outdoor experiences? Museums? Try to flesh out as much of the quality activities that are nearby, or how easy it is for guests to get to those locations from the property.

What You Want to Focus On

With the structure of the listing description out of the way, it’s also a great idea to try to work the following items in as well to ensure that you are focusing on the correct aspects of the listing rather than getting sidetracked and talking about things that a customer may not necessarily be interested in. To stay on track and focused, try the following tips:

Talk About Your Property’s Special Features

With so many listings on Airbnb, one of the tricky things is ensuring that your property stands out from the rest. Airbnb guests are often spoiled for choice, especially in large urban areas, so focusing on your property’s special features and the things that set it apart from the competition will tell potential guests that staying at your property will not be like all of their other experiences.

This might be the architecture and style of the house itself, access to local amenities, backyard and outdoor experiences, or within walking distance from the beach. Take a moment to think exactly what the property and area have to offer, and ask yourself “what are your favorite things about the property? What does this property allow you to do?” 

Mention Cleaning Routines and Regular Maintenance

Part of quality control when it comes to any kind of short-term rental is going to be the cleaning and maintenance routine. Having a clearly defined cleaning schedule lets guests know that they have nothing to worry about and that you are putting the effort into the property which increases the value of their experience. You can also mention recent upgrades such as renovations so that guests know that the property is modern and has had professional attention recently.

Write an Enticing and Memorable Title

Along with the main image that you use, the specific title that you choose for your property will be the first thing that a potential customer sees, and it is an opportunity to make a great first impression. Try quickly describing the atmosphere of the property, the property type, along with the general experience that comes with it, such as “relaxed beach condo for surfing, sun, and fun”. Titles like this allow guests to instantly see what they will be doing and what the atmosphere will be like for them.

Tell A Story

Story-telling and marketing go hand in hand, and part of this revolves around creating a narrative that allows potential guests to see themselves in. Telling the story of the property means that people can imagine what it is like to be there, whether your property is a calm and quiet base from which guests can explore the bustling city, or a cabin lit by a warm campfire after guests have spent the day skiing and adventuring.

This is also referred to as “setting the scene”, and it makes it easier for people to get a feel for what their stay will be like. You might describe the outside environment and adventures, or how the property is perfect for family time together.

Be Creative but Specific and Brief

Creativity is key; however, you don’t have to be an amazing writer to create great listing content. You can do this well enough by focusing on the specific and brief rules where you describe the property and its features in a direct, matter of fact way and cut out any irrelevant information that isn’t core to the guest experience.

A lengthy description that has too many filler words, extremely long sentences, and not enough punch might not be as attractive as one that is condensed down with short, punchy sentences that are each full of new information.

Add Some Personality

Guests aren’t interested in interacting with a robot and often will want to know more about their host, whether you are offering them a private room or the entire property. That’s why it is good to let your personality shine through your listing, either with your unique take on what things there are to do in the area, or with the occasional joke slipped into the listing information. It might seem like this is the time for an extremely formal presentation, but so long as you include all of the best information and present your property well, then a little personality will compliment that too.

Use Photo Captions to their Fullest Extent

Photo captions are an absolute must-have and should always be included on each of the photos that you upload to ensure that guests can build a clear image in their heads of what to expect. Use captions to capture things that the camera cannot necessarily include, such as the specific room the picture is of, what you can see in the distance out of windows such as beaches, mountains, or cityscapes, or even the size of a bed. This information should compliment the image and add detail and information instead of simply stating what is already evident from the image.

Create Positive Impressions with Your Airbnb Profile

After taking care of all of the listing content details, you will most likely see some additional benefits from having a great Airbnb profile yourself. As we said earlier, guests are often curious to know more about their host since they will need to interact with you and may even need to spend time around you if you are renting a shared space or just a room within your home.

Because Airbnb is a community marketplace, you will need to sell yourself as a friendly, professional, and approachable host who will only add value to the listing. This is because guests will need contacts in their target location and you will likely be their first option as a means of getting to know the local area and connecting with other people.

Your profile photo will need to show some character as well as professionalism, so consider going with formal attire coupled with a friendly posture and smile. Your profile description will need to be something that guests can identify with, so mention your hobbies, things you like to do (especially local activities that guests can do), where you have travelled to, and anything else that you think a traveler would like to know about their Airbnb host. 

Update Your Content When You Get New Ideas

Just because you feel like you have done everything right the first time doesn’t mean that it is set in stone. As new ideas and motivation come to you in the future, or if someone suggests a few little edits, feel free to make changes as much as you want to create a truly chiseled, well-formed Airbnb listing.

Things to Avoid

As well as the long list of things that you should do to create the perfect Airbnb listing content, there are three general things that you should avoid doing in your listing according to Airbnb.

Don’t Promote Your Space as COVID-free

Airbnb is now requiring that hosts remove the mention of COVID-19 from all listings, so you won’t be able to advertise as being “quarantine-friendly”. Therefore, this cannot be used as a sales point, no matter how comfortable your property is.

Don’t Use Shortages of Toilet Paper, Hand Sanitizer, and Other Items to Bring in Guests

Taking advantage of shortages of items such as face masks, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, or anything in an attempt to bring more guests your way is also not allowed by Airbnb. While you can highlight your specific cleaning routines, you cannot use the power of specific product demand in your area to your advantage. 

Don’t Encourage Guests to Ignore Local Travel Advisories

Only share health, safety, and travel advisory information that has been issued by your local government and Airbnb, and do not encourage guests to ignore any travel or health advisory information.

Creating your Airbnb listing is an investment of time, energy, along with an investment in a professional photographer and ensuring that you are complying with all local laws regarding tax and certification. If creating your Airbnb listing seems too much, from the legal side to generating all of your listing content as we have listed above, then it may be a good idea to consider the Airbnb Starter Pack by Topkey.

This way, you can ensure that the entire listing process is taken care of by the professionals to get your Airbnb experience off to a great start with instant returns. If you want to know more, then contact Topkey now.

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