Vacation Home Decorating Ideas to Increase Bookings

Check out these tried and true vacation home decorating ideas to help increase your occupancy and earn you stellar reviews.

So, you’ve purchased a second home, broken it in with a few family vacations and now you need some vacation home decorating ideas. Before guests can descend on your vacation home, however, you need to make sure it is attractive enough to draw them in. You may think of décor as an afterthought, but it is critical to create a serene and comfortable atmosphere for your guests. A well-furnished interior makes your home more photogenic which attracts renters and increases booking rates.

Don’t Overwhelm Guests With Your Personal Style

When coming up with vacation home decorating ideas, you need to remember that all types of people and personalities will cross its threshold. Maybe you’re into modern art or 19th Century Edwardian dolls, or maybe you collect taxidermied animals. Although it may be tempting, try to refrain from injecting too much of your own personality into your decorating ideas. Otherwise, you may risk deterring guests and compromising their comfort. Instead, opt for a decorative theme that is sleek, simple and elegant, with a similar color palette that reflects the aesthetic of the area.

Kiss The Clutter Goodbye

Nothing hinders relaxation more than a cluttered space. Most people take vacations to rest, rejuvenate, and reconnect. As soon as they enter your home, you want them to feel like they’ve entered an oasis. The more trinkets and items you bring into your home, the more cramped it becomes. Guests need room to unpack their essentials and create a space of their own. Don’t let your vacation home decorating ideas crowd the area. Get rid of excess clutter and allow for a calm and open atmosphere where guests can kick back and relax.

Invest in Sturdy, Comfortable Furniture

When selecting furniture, don’t give in to your thrifty impulses. Replacing furniture in your vacation home may pose difficulties, especially if it is in a remote area and hard to access. You want durable, high-quality fixtures that will withstand heavy traffic. If your home has a porch or patio, don’t skimp on the outdoor furniture. Most guests enjoy utilizing these spaces on their vacation. Outdoor furnishings should not only be comfortable, but be able to endure extreme conditions.

Functionality is Essential

Your vacation pad must not only look attractive, but offer the amenities your guests need to make the most of their stay. First, your property must have high speed internet access, so your guests stay connected throughout their stay! Kitchen accessories are equally important. Generally, you want to outfit your kitchen with all the necessities needed to cook a full Thanksgiving dinner. If you own a beach house, stock it with plenty of towels, outdoor carpets, fold-out chairs, tents, and beach toys. If you own a mountain house, outfit it with extra blankets and bedding. Finally, be sure to offer your guests plenty of indoor amenities. Your guests will appreciate a well-stocked library, TV streaming services, and plenty of board games on those rainy days.

Neutral, not Boring

While you want to avoid making your home tchotchke central (see Tip #1), don’t dilute it with too much generic decor or it will look monotonous and flat. You will attract more guests if they can distinguish your vacation home from stock photos on the internet. Stick to calming, neutral hues, like blues and creams. Incorporate personal vacation home decorating ideas by featuring your own wall-hangings, paintings, and house plants. Generating vacation home decorating ideas doesn’t have to be a chore. Shed your home of the schmatte and sport a new look. Have fun! Remember, your own taste is, by far, the most important consideration. You’re the one who will visit your vacation home again and again. When designing your getaway, make sure you create a space that you love and, as home consultant Marie Kondo puts it, “sparks joy”.

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