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The first step to building your short-term rental business

Registration Guidance
Registration Preparation
Photos & Content
Airbnb Listing Creation

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Why choose this service? 

The Airbnb Starter Pack is the best way to get your vacation rental business off the ground. In two weeks, you'll have a legally compliant, insured, fully optimized vacation rental.

We help you: 

  • Ensure compliance: We check on local regulations and then help you file all of the paperwork necessary to
  • Make more money: Bottom line, optimized listings with great photos and content convert more bookings. We help you build a great profile from the start.
  • Save time: Setting up everything you need for your Airbnb can take around 25 hours. We do the heavy lifting here and get your short-term rental business off of the ground.

What's included? 

License Guidance and Preparation

Comprehensive license research and registration support for your short-term rental

  • Comprehensive license research with all county, city, and state requirements
  • Forms, applications, fees, and tax authority contact information
  • We help you file all of the necessary paperwork to ensure your listing is compliant

Guided photoshoot 

We help you take, edit, and organize professional photos for your Airbnb.

  • Checklist of items to prepare for your at-home photoshoot
  • Smart phone camera prep so you can take professional quality photos
  • We guide you through each room of your house to help you take photos optimized for composition, lighting, and structure
  • You share your photos, and we professionally edit them so that they're listing ready

Search engine optimized listing content

Airbnb listing content that is optimized for conversion. This content includes title, description, and host profile.

  • Search engine optimized Airbnb profile content that includes title, photo captions, summary, and an overview of your space
  • Direction on how to maintain your profile's search engine presence and on how to increase conversion

Listing creation

We build your listing on Airbnb, optimize all of the content, set the initial rate strategy, and help you set up your payments correctly.

  • Complete listing created on Airbnb
  • Hand curated and organized images for your page
  • We research your competitors and build your rate strategy to help you maximize early bookings
  • Bank account and tax integration setup so you can get paid‍

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