The ultimate banking and expense management platform for hospitality managers

Track expenses by property, sync transactions across systems, and save tons of money on bookkeeping.

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Financial automation and expense tracking built right in

Expenses tracking

Automatically categorize expenses by property to save thousands of dollars on bookkeeping.

Full control over spending

Issue cards, set custom limits, tag receipts effortlessly, and earn 1.5% cashback.

Close your books 5x faster

Stop manual data entry and seamlessly import transactions details to your accounting software.

Unlimited 1.5% cashback

Get 1.5% cashback on every charge card purchase. It's that simple.

Unlimited cashback

Get 1.5% cashback on every purchase. Simple as that.


Corporate card designed for property managers

Step 1

Issue cards your way

Issue unlimited physical or virtual cards for your employees. Pay vendors by card or ACH.

Step 2

Auto-categorize purchases

Instantly tag transactions to individual properties, or, split across multiple properties.

Step 3

Magical receipt tracking

Text us your receipts for automatic expense tracking. It's that simple.

Step 4

Import transactions seamlessly

Easily import transaction details and automatically assign categories and GL  codes directly in your accounting software.

expense matching

Text us your receipts we'll match them

Expense automation that’s so simple that everyone on your team will actually use it.

Eliminate time-consuming busywork and let our AI-powered receipt matching verify receipts directly to the correct transactions.


Expense management at your fingertips

Issue unlimited physical and virtual cards

Create unique cards with custom limits for each employee, property or category.

Avoid unexpected surprises

Set limits and lock your cards instantly, from anywhere, at anytime.

Match receipts instantly

Sync your accounting software and we’ll match expenses to your customized GL codes and categories to save your bookkeeper hours on expense reconciliation.

Track spending by property

Monitor spending across each property in your portfolio so nothing falls through the cracks.

Here's what you get with Topkey


Coming soon
Physical and virtual cards for employees, properties, or categories.


Coming soon
Set customized controls and limits and freeze/unfreeze cards on a dime.


Coming soon
Match receipts to transactions with text so you never have to chase your employees.


Coming soon
Effortlessly tag expenses to properties to make sure all eligible spend is reimbursed.


Coming soon
Seamless integrations to Quickbooks, Sage, and Xero to close your books faster.


Coming soon
Earn 1.5% cashback on every charge card purchase, it’s that simple.


Coming soon
Custom integrations to your property management tech stack.


Coming soon
Level up with exclusive industry discounts only accessible with your Topkey card.


Coming soon
Smart vendor management and real-time alerts to duplicate subscriptions or surprise charges.

No personal guarantees

Separate your business from your personal finances.

No hidden fees

No monthly maintenance, minimum balance, or application fees.

Safe and secure

FDIC Insurance available for funds on deposit*, bank-level encryption.

All-in-one finances for property managers

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