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Get spending
in sync.

Use Topkey to automatically assign and categorize every purchase at the point of sale — right from your phone — ensuring transactions are categorized correctly the first time.

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Capture and classify spend.

Track expenses the easy way. Just snap a picture of the receipt, choose the property it should be tagged to and you’re done — the transaction is categorized and accounted for.

Let Topkey do the legwork.

Topkey hunts down missing receipts so you don’t have to. We’ll send your employees automated text reminders to complete their transaction and close the loop.

Filter & Export

Go ahead, get granular.

Choose from a number of filters to drill into your most important transactions, so you can have more clarity in just a few clicks. Built with bookkeepers in mind, Topkey syncs with your PMS to simplify the reconciliation process.

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PMS Integrations

Working together
for you.

Topkey simplifies transaction management by seamlessly integrating with your PMS and accounting software. By automating how work orders are assigned and tagged, Topkey reduces the chance of error typically found in manual entry.

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Put guesswork on
permanent vacation.

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