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Your back office just got better.

Close the books 75% faster every month. With cleaner reporting, you can build stronger relationships with owners and improve retention across your portfolio. 

Make statements effortlessly.

Because Topkey integrates seamlessly with your existing PMS, you can create clean, organized and more accurate owner statements in just a few clicks.

Think fast. Really fast.

Topkey's automations eliminate errors that cost time and money, so you can close the books at every property in your portfolio in hours, not days.

Get every dollar.

Don’t leave cash on the table. If it's eligible for reimbursement, Topkey has it tagged and can even identify areas where it's possible to save even more.

Advanced Filtering

Go deep into your data.

Use Topkey’s filters to quickly sort expenses by property, date range, category or card. You can instantly drill down into the transactions that matter, saving you and your bookkeeper dozens of hours each month.

Advanced Filtering

Work as a team.

Fully customize your Topkey experience with the ability to create custom roles and permissions for every member of your team, both internal staff and external partners. Manage access and visibility without sacrificing control, so everyone can work easily and efficiently.

Take back your
time with Topkey.

Our robust features help you close the books in hours, not weeks.

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Expense Tagging

Save time with automated transaction tagging.

Advanced Filtering

Retrieve transaction information quickly and precisely with intelligent filters.

Text Reminders

Remind multiple cardholders to submit receipts for uncategorized transactions all at once with bulk messaging.

Accounting Software Integration

Topkey integrates with Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Sage Intacct, and Xero. Create custom rules that automatically tag transactions to respective GL categories, memos, receipts, and classes and other fields.

PMS Integration

Instantly push transactions to work orders in your PMS, like Streamline, Guesty, and Track, or use Topkey to create work orders directly, saving you hours of manual data entry.