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accounts payable.

Topkey’s AI-driven automations and workflows streamline the accounts payable process significantly. Property-level tagging, accounting and PMS integrations, flexible payment methods, and much more, make it possible for you to wrap up reconciliation in hours.

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Go deep into your data.

Automate your invoicing with Topkey’s AI-powered technology. Invoices are assigned to a specific vendor, with line items populated and the ability to add markups for labor and time. Then you can easily tag and assign the bill for custom approval.

Drill down deeper.

Use Topkey’s filters to quickly sort expenses by property, date range, category or card. You can instantly drill down into the transactions that matter, saving you and your bookkeeper dozens of hours each month.

Make approvals painless.

Customized approval workflows with Topkey are stunningly simple. You set up who can review and approve payments, and AI-driven automations take care of the rest.

Faster payments.

Need to pay vendors soon? Use Topkey to pay vendor with same day ACH.

Transaction Markups

You set the rules.

Establish the ground rules for how you want transactions categorized, and Topkey takes care of the rest, ensuring every transaction is coded error-free, exactly as you like.

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Customized Approval Workflows

Keep the cash flowing.

Create customized approval workflows by role or individual employee, and ensure that each invoice is approved and paid quickly and accurately.

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Built to Close

Bill pay made for  bookkeeping.

Topkey frees up your time. Tag transaction directly to units,  split payments across multiple properties, and assign bills to work orders and sync directly to your PMS.

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