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Topkey Business Charge Card Rewards Program

Last Updated: December 13, 2022

Version: 1.0

Eligible Topkey Account holders will receive rewards in the form of “points” on their qualifying card transactions (the “Points Rewards”). The terms of the Points Rewards may be amended by us from time to time, at our sole discretion, including discontinuation or suspension of the program at any time. Points Rewards are  not a cash equivalent. The Points Rewards will be redeemable only in the form of a credit against amounts owed to Topkey by the Account holder and not in any form of cash or monetary transfer to you. If there is no principal balance from which to offer you a credit for your Points Rewards, the Points Rewards will roll over until there is a principal balance or until the expiration of the rewards. The Points Rewards will be forfeited upon account termination.

Under the Points Rewards program, Account holders will receive points equal to  1.5% of the total dollar value spent on qualifying bona fide Topkey Visa charge card transactions.  For example, each dollar spent would earn 1.5 points. The points will be redeemable only for a statement credit with a value equal to one cent for each point. The value of the statement credit will reduce any amounts you owe to Topkey. In the future, Topkey may allow the statement credit to be used to pay for other transactions you make through your Account. Topkey reserves the right to modify the ratio, value, or type of redemption at any time by modifying these terms. Your continuing use of your Topkey Account after such modification will mean you have consented to the new terms. 

To redeem your Points Rewards, you must email us at and provide the name of the Account holder with your request to redeem your Points Rewards. In the future, we may prescribe additional methods to redeem your rewards, such as through your Topkey Account portal. You may redeem your Points Rewards only if you are not delinquent in any amounts then owed to Topkey. 

You will be entitled to redeem Points Rewards until the date your Account is closed. After such time, your Points Rewards will not be available for redemption and you will lose any Points Rewards that were not redeemed.

You can redeem your Points Rewards once the statement credit value has reached starting at Fifteen Dollars ($15). 

To illustrate the above, for eligible transactions, if you spend $1,000 and you redeem your Points Rewards, you may be entitled up to a $15 credit on the subsequent billing statement issued following the month in which we processed your redemption. 

You are responsible for ensuring that the balance of Points Rewards is correct. If you believe that the balance is incorrect, please report the issue to us at You must notify us of any discrepancies within 60 days of such information being made available to you. If you do not notify us within 60 days, you forfeit the right to contest this balance, so long as such forfeiture is not prohibited by applicable law.

Your Points Rewards may be subject to additional terms.  In the event your Account is closed, suspended, we otherwise suspect misuse of the program, or for any other reason, we may deny the redemption of any or all Points Rewards to your Account. You may be disqualified from participating in the Points Rewards program if 1] any previous payments were late 2] any current payments owed to Topkey are past due 3] you participate in self-dealing (eg: using Topkey to pay for products provided by the business, any of its affiliates, owners, or third-parties affiliated with your Company) 4] you you are in breach of, or have previously breached, any of your agreements or terms with Topkey. 

We may, from time to time, exclude certain transactions from the Points Rewards. Non-qualifying transaction include, but are not limited to:

  • Foreign transactions 
  • Transactions that have been reversed, refunded or returned
  • Transactions subject to chargebacks
  • Purchases of lottery tickets, gift cards, prepaid cards, digital currencies, or other cash equivalents
  • Transfers from deposit accounts or checking accounts
  • Person-to-person money transfers
  • ACH transfers

Points Rewards credits are not your property. Points Rewards credits are not the property of any individual employee, agent, or representative of such business. Points Rewards may only be redeemed by individuals authorized to act on behalf of the account owner. Points Rewards credits can not be transferred to any other third party or Topkey account. 

You understand that you are responsible for determining and paying any taxes on accrued Points Rewards regardless of whether they are redeemed and that Topkey will not have any responsibility to provide reporting to you or any governmental authority, except where expressly required by law. You may opt out of the Points Rewards program by emailing us at and requesting that you wish to opt out of the program. You understand that you will otherwise be automatically enrolled in the program unless and until you opt out by contacting us. Thread Bank, N.A. is not affiliated with the Points Rewards program and does not administer it. This program and any other reward programs offered in connection are the sole responsibility of Topkey and its service providers.